Research for Beginners


After attending this module the attendees should be able to

  • Develop scientific attitude and broad understanding of the use of research
  • Develop a complete approach for right research question
  • Clear understanding of planning and developing the research proposal
  • Use SPSS software for analyzing the data via appropriate statistical techniques
  • Reference data using online and offline software’s
  • Produce academic research reports

Workshop content

Writing Research Paper- The Art

  • Problem identification
  • Search the problem in existing literature
  • Gap spotting
  • Theory contribution
  • Create conceptual model
  • Test the assumptions
  • Fine grained managerial implications

Writing Research Proposals/Synopsis- The Academic Perspective

  • Selecting a topic by searching call for papers of International journals, topics of forthcoming articles, latest dissertations and research papers
  • Rational to choose a topic (Purpose, scope, what’s new, what it will be, boundaries of study)
  • Developing research questions / problem statement
  • Define objectives
  • Beneficiaries of study
  • Methodology (study type, population, sampling techniques, Industry, hypothesis)

Academic Writing for Research

  • Research Design-The Effective Ways
  • Planning To Publishing; Integrated Academic Research

SPSS and Endnote Software

  • Defining Variable & data entry
  • Computing Variables
  • Reliability analysis
  • Dealing with missing variables
  • Creating dummy variables
  • Regression, Correlation

Workshop duration: 1-2 days maximum

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