Yao Kai,

Yao Kai

Fudan University

Kai Yao is a Professor of Management at Fudan University School of Management and the leading director of Fudan University’s Research Center for Global Innovative Talent Development. He serves as the Chief Expert of the Shanghai Talent Theory Research Base and is a renowned expert in China’s talent studies. He has long been engaged in academic and consulting research in the fields of human resources management, innovation and entrepreneurship. More than 60 research projects, including important ones for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Fund of China, and the Shanghai Municipal Government for decision-making and consulting, among others, have been overseen or finished by him. Professor Yao’s recent research examines the talent management in science and technology field in China, in particular, he has contributed profoundly to the establishment of talent highland in Yangtze River Delta. Professor Yao’s book, Research on the Development and Flow Strategy of Talent Resources in Shanghai Global Cities (Fudan University, Press, 2019) presents a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of talent development in Shanghai. In addition, more than 70 research findings of Professor Yao have been published in prestigious academic journals and China’s mainstream press. His perspectives have recently been recognized by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.